‘Dangerous games’ – our dance show this Saturday!

This Saturday we are dancing to the live music performance of the talented singer/song writer, Jay Hofman, who is launching his remarkable album, called ‘Modern Vintage’. The concert will take place on Saturday at 8pm at the Conway Hall in central London, close to Holborn station. This time I will be dancing to Jay’s modern version of ‘Ave Maria’ and his lyrical number called ‘I Won’t Kill.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcCnPTpoLe0&feature=youtu.beJay Hofman_ft_Diana Dance TV
While the lyrics say ‘I won’t kill, cause I love you’, my dance interpretation appears to be more cold-blooded, pronouncing wrongdoing in the name of love. Inspired by the “Twilight” saga, the story unravels around the couple torn apart by the death of a fiancée, who was lured into the dark Kingdom of the Vampires. Before the funeral, in a moment of deep sorrows, he pleads for her not to leave him. Eventually, she is resurrected, alas as a Vampire.

The doubts that are racing through his mind: is she the same loving girl he knew, or is she just a ghost, that will never again be the woman he adored. Her dilemma is even more agonizing: will she listen to the Vampire instincts or will she refrain from harming her beloved. Giving into her temptations also means they will be united through Vampire’s bloodlines, even though it comes at the highest price…

About dianadancetv

Dancing is my life and passion. I am working in London as a professional dancer. Together with my dance partner we are competing at the international Latin American Dance Championships, where we represent France. Currently, we are 44th in the Dance World Ranking. Our specialty are Themed Dance Shows for corporate events with some narratives and a story line. I also do commercial dancing (MTV Awards: Kid Rock, Katy Perry, Pink, Shakira). I choreograph for music videos (R&B, Pop, House) and for choreographed fashion shows. I also model for cat walks, editorial and sports fashion. Currently, Pineapple dance studio is using me as face for their dance fashion collection.
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