Performing at the World Dance Championship 2014

Very proud to represent France at the World Dance Championship 2014 for the third consecutive year. We were dancing in Austria in 2012 and in California in 2013. This year, it will take place in Paris Disney Resort, which brings some special Winter Wonderland magic to this festive event.

I am looking forward to sharing the dance floor with the best of the best from their countries. Today Disneyland in Paris opens their doors of the luxury New York Hotel for the professional Latin dancers from all over the world.

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About dianadancetv

Dancing is my life and passion. I am working in London as a professional dancer. Together with my dance partner we are competing at the international Latin American Dance Championships, where we represent France. Currently, we are 44th in the Dance World Ranking. Our specialty are Themed Dance Shows for corporate events with some narratives and a story line. I also do commercial dancing (MTV Awards: Kid Rock, Katy Perry, Pink, Shakira). I choreograph for music videos (R&B, Pop, House) and for choreographed fashion shows. I also model for cat walks, editorial and sports fashion. Currently, Pineapple dance studio is using me as face for their dance fashion collection.
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